The most revolutionary idea to hit cycling since ... the wheel.
Get twisted!

The Quicktwist stem – guaranteed to beat the bike thief.

Bike theft in the UK is at epidemic proportions and rose a further 17% in 2016/17. Government figures from The Office of Statistics on bike theft show that around 60% of thefts occur overnight and close to the home. Put simply, your bike is most at risk while locked up on the street outside your home at night. There is now one guaranteed way of stopping your bike being stolen while you sleep – with the revolutionary Quicktwist® handlebar stem from Urbancyclo it is now possible to easily store your cycle indoors at night, in your hallway, your living room or take it through to your backyard.

Quicktwist - the original click and twist handlebar system.

This revolutionary handlebar stem design was the result of radical and innovative thinking. Urbancyclo has re-written the rule book for cycle stem design creating the Quicktwist™ to overcome the probems of parking, storing and managing a bike in today’s crowded urban environment. The Quicktwist™ can be fitted to almost any modern bike in 10 minutes and with a simple click and twist of the (patent pending) stem your bike will be instantly slimmer!


The unique Quicktwist® handlebar stem from Urbancyclo can be fitted to almost any modern bike in 10 minutes and can reduce its width by up to 70% enabling you store it in your home overnight – the safest place to keep your trusty steed!

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The Quicktwist® stem joint and locking mechanism are totally unique, there is nothing like it on the market anywhere in the world. The two halves of the stem are securely together at all times but the (patent pending) joint allows the two halves to rotate up to 90 degrees in either direction. There are also large diameter ‘locking’ pins around the central bolt that are always pushed into the corresponding holes. NOTE – it is not possible for the handlebars to be in the horizontal riding position without being safely locked. In addition there is a second fail-safe in the form of a security seat-style clamp. The handlebars can only be rotated when the clamp is released and the ‘collar’ is pulled back towards the rider thereby releasing the internal locking pins. The Quicktwist® stem will carry the same BS/EN/ISO international safety standard testing marks as every other component part of your bike.

3D printed prototype Quicktwist™ stems

The production stems will be made from highest quality aircraft grade alloys and available in satin black or polished silver alloy with a choice of very groovy coloured collars to go with your bike.

We are hoping to announce some very exciting Quicktwist® news soon – stay tuned!



Founder / Designer

Andy is a restless designer working across many areas from cycle design and furniture design to pure graphics and art. At the core of everything he strives for is originality and innovation. He is a keen city cyclist and the Quicktwist™ stem was inspired by living and cycling in Oxford. He is also a mentor at Oxford University and works with international MBA students at the Saïd Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre.


Design Engineer

Adrian is Urbancyclo’s not-so-secret weapon. A genius Design Engineer with decades of experience in top flight motorsport with several Formula One teams including Williams. When he is not working at Oxford Brookes on their globally acclaimed motorsports design masters programme or perfecting Urbancyclo’s products he can be found rebuilding ancient sportscars in his garage at home.